Keep It Moving

I have experienced trauma on many levels. Some things were expected, like losing an older relative or watching someone who was sick, fade away. I want to sit here and write that it was not fair and the universe had it out for me. The truth is some of the painful things that I had... Continue Reading →

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I’m Back

Sometimes I think that trauma has left me with broken pieces that may cause me to operate my life differently from how other people do. But, just like that tool or machine that you have to kick or slap to get it to start, I can get going. Just like that lamp or other appliance... Continue Reading →

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I wonder if artists sit down to create and tell themselves that they are going to make something that everyone will love. I wonder if they think that they are going to create something timeless that will be listened to, read or admired, long after they are gone. I wonder that, because I’m watching, and loving,... Continue Reading →

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What Are You Thinking?

One of the reasons that I was not the success that I dreamed that I would be, is because I was afraid and anxious about being vulnerable. I was super worried about being shamed or laughed at over starting a business and having it fail, creating a product and only selling 10 units, or writing... Continue Reading →

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Your former days are over. The more you focus on the challenges that may come in your next chapter, the less time you will have to get that part of your life ready for the world. Walk in the direction of your dreams and you will automatically be fueled by your own talent. Adopt a... Continue Reading →

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21 Days of Exercise

Veada Pauls and me, walking up an Arizona mountain trail 21 days of exercise was, of course, about exercise. However, it was also about me showing myself  how to work towards changing one thing. I wanted to change my body shape and the health status of my temple, but there were other things that I... Continue Reading →

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Evermore (Grandma)

by Cherise Grooms/ Vanished. Never to be seen again, but only in my dreams. Your scent was left behind. Your words stitched in my heart. Your absence is unbearable, refusing to be endured. Yet, your spirit surrounds me, whispering your guidance, your love and your peace. You have demonstrated the certainty that love never subsides;... Continue Reading →

21 Day By Day Changes

21 Days of Exercise Day 1: February 15th I was proud of myself for getting up at 5:30 to work out for 20 minutes. Day 2 I was out of town but I still went to the hotel gym and worked out for 30 minutes. I kept looking at this huge mirror that they had... Continue Reading →

Talk About It

Make peace with the road that you had to travel. Begin to realize that without the presence of the places that you have come from, you cannot fully understand the importance of the places where you have to go. Talk about things. Talk out loud to God or to anyone who will listen. Talk about... Continue Reading →


By Clifford A. Hogan/ I stretch my Parkinson diseased hands towards the light Dilating my pupils My clothes withered in ashes From the enduring pain At last, my suffering will forsake me All I needed in this journey was THE SAVIOR AND THE SPIRIT Who saved me from the destruction of me And mankind When... Continue Reading →

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