Your former days are over. The more you focus on the challenges that may come in your next chapter, the less time you will have to get that part of your life ready for the world. Walk in the direction of your dreams and you will automatically be fueled by your own talent. Adopt a train of thought that is totally different from your current mindset. Refocus and recalibrate your daily activities. Breathe life into that person inside of you who writes, sings or creates something, in order to fill that void in your heart.  

Here are 2 things that you can do today.

  1. You can set small, specific goals by writing down the days and times that you plan to do one thing that will easily start you on a path towards making progress.
  2. You can read books and articles, and get education on the topic that you love and want to pursue.  Think back to your youthful days and remember the thing that brought peace to your soul. 

Begin to face the fact that the person that you used to be is over! Don’t wait for a miracle….. You are the miracle.

In the “comment” section, tell me about the miraculous thing that you are going to surprise yourself with, while we are not all back to the schedule that we had 6 months ago.

Photo by Ivan Bertolazzi on Pexels.com

More to think about

While we are on quarantine and I’m still receiving a paycheck two times a month,  I donate money to two or three causes, organizations or individual people. It can be anyone or anything. I have even given to a couple of people who would normally be receiving funds from me in return for their services. In the “comment” section, let me know what you’re doing or what you plan to do, to support a person that you know, who is out of work. 

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