Keep It Moving

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I have experienced trauma on many levels. Some things were expected, like losing an older relative or watching someone who was sick, fade away. I want to sit here and write that it was not fair and the universe had it out for me. The truth is some of the painful things that I had the pleasure of conquering were all on me! But whether I was being tested, to bring about growth and maturity, or if I were the recipient of the worst odds of tragedy ever, I came through. Is there a secret to dealing with an inglorious occasion and coming out of it breathing? I can’t say for sure because the variables are infinite. I do know that you have to set yourself up on the right path for success. One singer wrote a song and said that in the midst of her destructive actions upon herself, she was given a window where she returned to her right mind, so to speak. It was at that moment that she was able to make a decision that would change the direction of the rest of her life.

I feel like I’ve had my moment. It was not filled with fireworks or whatever audio visual stuff epiphanies are made of, but I feel like I am moving along. I feel like I have been following a crude map with crayon drawings on it. But guess what? I’M MOVING ALONG! I am making progress, no matter how small or wide. I know that you can do this too. You can start by accepting who you are and working your plan of action around that person. Listen, don’t make the mistake of outlining a schematic for who you think you are or who you want to or will be. Think about who you actually are right now and make a blueprint for what you will embrace as you approach the road to healing and to your best self. 

From my previous post, you may have read that I have moments of hibernation. Like right now, I am on a little holiday vacation and I am taking this time off very seriously. I am learning that my button goes on or off. That’s just one aspect of me. What I am trying to say is, no matter what you do, keep it moving. Keep working on being stronger and keep making a new goal. Take some time to be on a break, but then come back smarter. Don’t let your mood necessarily dictate what you will do to move upwards, but be intentional about following the plan for you and reaching your objectives. The only thing that will make your mole hill a mountain, is if you get stuck in a way that has you still. If that happens, you are going to be in a conundrum, until the twinkling of the stars and the flash of The Spirit reveals your sanity. Only then will you be able to dwell among the lively, set up the strategies for your future and learn how to keep it moving. 

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