I wonder if artists sit down to create and tell themselves that they are going to make something that everyone will love. I wonder if they think that they are going to create something timeless that will be listened to, read or admired, long after they are gone. I wonder that, because I’m watching, and loving, black and white movies that were made before I was born. I’m listening to songs at weddings that were recorded when I was single digit years old. So, I’m not sure if artists say that, or if they just put their heart and soul into their work and make it the best that they can make it ….. everytime.

What if we did our very best, everytime. It seems that if we operated like that, we would win, everytime. No matter what our gifts are, we can declare that we will do our best right now. We can declare that our work will be timeless and everlasting. I think that we can speak forever-ness into our own lives. I want to do it today. Here goes: “I want to write a song or pen some words or phrases that everyone will relate to. I want my heartfelt, experience ladened expressions to reach a mass of people who need to hear them. I want the spirit and intentions behind my words to meet the needs of a vulnerable audience who is looking to boost their self-worth. I want the hope that some people have for their lives to last long enough that they proceed towards their purpose. I want to write words that have that impact, today and everytime. I want to write, or sing, a song that someone will listen to and be healed. I want to strive to make that happen everytime!”

Now you try it. In the comments below, let me know what you vow to do to the best of your ability, everytime.


  1. Well, whatever it is that God uses to spark that jumpstart in Michelle’s creative juices, I am glad about it. When I see “Conversational Peace” pop-up in my inbox I know I’m in store for something good to my soul. Today did not disappoint.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hey R! Everyone needs a #1 fan! I think you are it!! LOL! May your soul continue to be joyful over my ramblings….L U Girl!!


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