Photo by: Chanel Hogan- Our backyard after a storm/ I am sitting here on a cool October evening. I am just relaxing with my feet up on the ottoman of my brown chair. There is a movie on the television and I have just finished checking my email. Today was almost a typical day.  I... Continue Reading →

Home At School

The word “Homeschooling” is a word that is used by parents who have made a choice for their kids and their families. They have decided that they want to opt out of the traditional brick and mortar education and take on the task themselves. They have decided that they will be disseminating curriculum and content... Continue Reading →

The Editor

Michelle Burks Hogan Contact Me Michelle Burks Hogan Michelle is originally from Brooklyn, NY and became a Virginia resident after graduating from Howard University in Washington, DC.  Michelle wishes that she could live in a world where people laughed, loved and dreamed more, but reality has wiped away some smiles. She defies that and keeps... Continue Reading →

Nobody Knows

by Michelle Burks Hogan Who knows to hold my hand when things go wrong? Who knows the dance to my heart’s love song? Who knows the way when I can’t see? Who knows to comfort this little girl that lives in me? Do you know? Who knows? Do you know that I cry to myself... Continue Reading →

Education’s Critical Moments

Michelle Hogan When I was ten, I used to play school and my friends always wanted me to be the teacher. At that time, we all saw school and education, as being led by an all knowing, wise woman who gave out plenty of homework and wrote on the chalkboard a lot. So, in keeping... Continue Reading →

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