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Michelle Burks Hogan
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Michelle Burks Hogan

Michelle is originally from Brooklyn, NY and became a Virginia resident after graduating from Howard University in Washington, DC.

 Michelle wishes that she could live in a world where people laughed, loved and dreamed more, but reality has wiped away some smiles. She defies that and keeps a cheerful, happy glow with her at all times. She takes this positive attitude with her in her position as an elementary educator for a Virginia public school system. Because of the love she has for her “professional ministry”, she has been revered for the nurturing relationships that she forms with all of her students. 

 She loves to sing as well as write.  This, along with being “Mommy” to her four grown kids, comes first before she watches Jeopardy or some mysterious and action packed detective show. 

But most of all, she loves the Lord and values the importance of connecting to God’s word every day!


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