The Editor

Michelle Burks Hogan

I am originally from Brooklyn, NY and became a Virginia resident after graduating from Howard University in Washington, DC.

 I wish that I could live in a world where people laughed, loved and dreamed more, but reality has wiped away some smiles. I try to defy that and keep a cheerful, happy glow at all times. I take this positive attitude with me in my position as an elementary educator for a Virginia public school system. Because of the love I have for my “professional ministry”, I have been revered for the nurturing relationships that I form with all of my students. 

I have been writing since I was in my teens and it naturally became the way that I expressed myself and worked through my feelings. I love to sing and travel as well.  This, along with being “Mommy” to my four grown kids, comes first before I watch Jeopardy or some mysterious, action packed detective show. 

Most of all, I love the Lord and I value the importance of connecting to His word every day!