Nobody Knows

by Michelle Burks Hogan

Who knows to hold my hand when things go wrong?

Who knows the dance to my heart’s love song?

Who knows the way when I can’t see?

Who knows to comfort this little girl that lives in me?

Do you know? Who knows?

Do you know that I cry to myself at night?

Do you know that I am asking for love, even when it seems that I’m putting up a fight?

Who knows that gifts are not given for free?

Who knows the price that I pay to be me?

Do you know? Who knows? 

Do you know that beauty can make your heart colder?

Because your life story lies in the mind of the beholder

Do you know hurt where there is never a conclusion?

Who knows that living with a smile becomes your illusion?

Do you know? Who knows? 

Who knows that my past has tried to play me like a silly game?

And who knows that through Christ, my spirit is now renamed?

Do you know?

Who knows?

God knows!

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